Sunday, September 27, 2009

13 Days and Counting

Sunday September 27 2009

With 13 days left until my Special Appearance at Judeen's Art Studio and Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky, on October 10th, here is today's sampling of The Equestrian Vagabond photos.

Sunset on Downpatrick racecourse in Northern Ireland. These horses were training on the track after the day's races.

Nothing better than a good roll in soft sand - Oreana, Idaho

Sun - Oreana, Idaho

Snow - Oreana, Idaho

Sun and snow - Bridgeport, California

Do Not Try This At Home - Oreana, Idaho

Stormy in the sunset - Bridgeport, California

That's 292 hours, 60 minutes, 17 seconds left...

No time to pack yet, because it's time to get ready for our 5-day Owyhee Canyonlands endurance ride!

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