Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Don't Want to Come Here

Friday January 9 2009

Did somebody say they wanted to see some pictures with blue skies?

We took out Jose and Surri, working our way up Pickett Creek Canyon, entering the narrows, ducking under tunnels of vines draped over the creek, following the intermittently dry creekbed, underneath red cliff walls framed by white-feathered blue skies.

The day was quite spectacular, chilly but comfortable, so clear "you can see New York from here," said Carol, ("but I'm glad we can't!" I said), and over trails free of slippery snow and slick mud. Our mounts were willing, clattering over the cobbled creekbed, bulling their way through overgrown brush and under new downed tree branches, climbing a steep hill out of the canyon, trotting boldly back along the ridge. It was pretty close to perfect.

But wait - maybe I better watch what I'm saying. We sure don't want a rush of the wrong crowd (i.e. those that won't appreciate it) moving out and staking a claim here, or pulling in for an open-ended visit. So disregard what I said earlier. On second thought, it was a dreadful day, (imagine brooding gray wet skies), it's a boring place to ride, all we have is half broke darned Arabians to ride, and just too many danged people around this crowded Owyhee County.

You don't really want to come here.

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  1. Looks gorgeous ( and cold!)
    I lost your blog link, and have only just found it again!