Thursday, August 17, 2006


Thursday August 17 2006

Busy weeks at work hiking: looking for birds, looking for historical ‘trash’ with the archaeology crew. Saw: a bear, 3 coyotes, 2 goshawks (but no nests), 3 big bucks, historical cans and glass (historical being older than 50 years old – depending on the type of can, most can be dated pretty accurately), old mines, equipment, and structures that hadn’t been recorded by anyone yet, obsidian flakes (could be 100 years old or 10,000 years old). Hiked to 10,000’ twice this week – anybody up for Mt Whitney later? (kidding, already done that).

As of today (though plans change) I’ve got 3 pack trips scheduled in September into the Hoover wilderness with our Forest Service pack horses. All the trips will be to Piute cabin, and I plan on taking all the horses again, whether I need them or not. Good exercise for them, and ecstasy at the end of the trail!

This Saturday is the 50 mile Eastern High Sierra Classic endurance ride here in Bridgeport. Gretchen and I will ride Spice and Raffiq; Sue will ride Buddy on the limited distance (30 miles). Last weekend, Sue successfully got Buddy across the last of the creek crossings he will face in the ride – hooray for Sue and for Buddy! He’s definitely not afraid of water, he can just be stubborn. Gretchen hasn’t done a ride in months, and I haven’t done one since March – I’m having withdrawals!

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