Monday, September 19, 2011


Monday September 19 2011

Officials for the upcoming 5-day Owyhee Canyonlands Pioneer September 27-October 1:

Ride manager: Steph Teeter
Day manager: Regina Rose
Veterinarians: Robert Washington and David Hayes
Trailmeister: JOSE VIOLA! (see above)

The goal is, if there is enough help during the ride so I can actually RIDE, for me to ride Jose Viola 5 days in a row! I've never done a 5-day, only 4-days! And Jose's never done 5 days in a row!

If the Raven and I ride and finish 3 days, we'll both reach 5000 miles!! (well... actually The Raven will still have 5 more miles and one more Tevis buckle than me).

One day at a time...


  1. That's a very beautiful picture of Jose! Are the ribbons used for marking the trail like you did with Finneas?

  2. Yes Jan, that's what we use. and Jose didn't object as much as Finneas! Although, Jose did have other horse company.