Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Fools Ride

April 1 2917

Desert winter hurricane/typhoon on Thursday and Friday, the ground whited out, horses with butts to the wind and noses to the ground, shivering in the icy/sleety gales…

And perfect cool, sunny, breezeless weather Saturday for the Owyhee Tough Sucker April Fools ride. (And butt cold gales again on Sunday).

Junior Sarah couldn't make it, so her aunt Connie sponsored me on Sarah's horse Dezzie. We rode with Connie and Saruq, Steph and Smokey on the 50-mile ride. We took it easy, since we hadn't done that many training rides because of the long winter. The scenery was great as usual, and the horses had plenty of grass to eat along the trail.

It was a good start to the ride season!

Our Aussie friend Laura says Dezzie looks like a Breyer model

Inviting trail!

the lovely Owyhee desert (particularly when it's not HOT!)

horse refreshments!

The Raven of course rode along and had fun on Dezzie!

My sister Judy shot the ride, she took these of me and Dezzie:

the 6 of us

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