Friday, April 14, 2017

2017 Antelope Island Endurance Ride: Weather Wonderificous II

Friday April 14 2017

This post is to replace the previous one… which I meant to put on my endurance blog, Merri Travels. It is now up on there, for your read/re-reading and shivering pleasure about the most stimulating weather we had over the weekend!

And, my Smugmug photos are here.

Meanwhile here is a short pictographic essay from the weekend.

Endurance riders dwarfed by Frary Peak

Riding along the Great Salt Lake. Which, you can see, isn't very full.

Riding in the wind/rain storm.

Emerging into some sunshine between storms.

A few buffalo… a lot fewer on view than during the September AERC National Championship ride.

An out-and-back trail


Another storm coming!

The DOOZY thunder/lightning/wind/hail storm that hit.

Frary Peak, with a new coating of snow!

Christoph (en route to a win on Day 2) leading his interns beneath storm clouds and snowy peaks on a mountain range across the lake


  1. This ride is on my bucket list.

  2. Great photos! Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. But at least there were no bugs!