Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A. Most. Epic. Winter.

Tuesday January 10 2017

It's been EPIC so far.

Snow on the ground since December 4 - which has been thrilling enough, in these drought years.

Then a week ago Monday: an inch of snow. Monday night: 2 inches. Tuesday: 6 inches. Tuesday night and Wednesday: 8 inches. Wednesday: more snow. It's astounding. Thursday, Friday, the weekend, today, more snow that falls, gets packed down, freezes hard, layers on more, rains, snows again… I have lost count.

Unprecedented in the 10 or so years I've been here. (Wednesday set a couple of records in Boise, including a 65-year record.)

Everything is slower. You can't run around in this stuff. Hiking takes a long time when you sink to your knees (!!!) at every step. If you've got to walk to the neighbors', just expect it's going to take some time, because you'll be pulling each leg out of a deep hole every step. 

If you've got to hike/climb to the internet tower to brush the snow off the solar panels, take a backpack of gear and extra clothes, maybe some climbing ropes and crampons and an ice axe, and an extra bottom layer for when you have to bust through that hip-deep snow cornice near the top. 

But don't forget to be astounded by the views. Everything is stunningly beautiful. From the high desert landscape buried in snow, to the Owyhee mountains buried in snow, to the horses decorated with ice it is seriously a unique, extraordinary winter wonderland.

The horses are fine out there with plenty of hay to eat, and I am sure the horses prefer the winter to heat and bugs!
Dudley does, he's throwing his head up, "yes!"

Who woulda thunk I'd'a needed snowshoes this winter just for around the ranch. And winter's not over yet!


  1. Finding it hard to imagine how you are coping in this weather, although having spent a few winters in Quebec know what they did there. Now that I'm living in Boise, I can see some of those drifts of snow outside - as soon as our paths are clear more comes. All the best to you and your horses.

  2. Wow, pretty impressive! So far, here in NJ, I've only had one real snow of about 8 inches and it melted three days later. I'm not sure I could cope with the kind of snow you are having. I know you like winter, though. And the horses seem to be having a good time. Glad to know the precipitation is such a plus, regardless. Wishing you a few easier walks....*G*