Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tevis Cup Magic: Taking on the World's Toughest 100 Mile Endurance Ride - New E-Book!

Thursday May 26 2016

It is not for the faint of heart: a hundred hard-won miles of rock, dust, elevation, uphill (19,000 cumulative feet of climbing), downhill (22,000 cumulative feet of descending), imposing mountains, plunging canyons, wild rivers, wilderness, extreme heat, suffocating humidity, extraordinary effort, and luck - good or bad, all in various doses, riding your horse across the Sierra Nevada mountains, in the dark and the light and the dark, all done within a 24 hour time limit…

With the 2016 Tevis countdown at just over two months to starting time comes the release of my new ebook, Tevis Cup Magic: Taking on the World's Toughest 100 Mile Endurance Ride.

It's my account of my monumental, magical, marvelous Tevis Cup adventure in 2009. It's not a story of a Top Ten finisher; it's not a story of someone who spent weeks, months, years strategically planning to conquer the Tevis trail. It's one of those adventures I had never, ever planned on; another one that just fell in my lap and I just had to fly by the seat of my pants. It's an epic story with a bit of excitement, tension, slight madness, humor, and that ol' Tevis Luck doled out by the Tevis Gods - good or bad. And, of course, it's with The Raven.

Some of you may have originally read it as a series of entries on my blog, but I've compiled it into an ebook short story, enhanced with additional material, and a few photos, edited by my co-conspirator and brilliant writer and editor friend, Marsha Hayes.

It won't be available as a hard copy book - only an ebook!


  1. Yes! Bought it and looking forward to reading it :)

    1. I can't put it down. Also... I ride for Skip and that was the year his mare died. When I read that part I was sobbing. You are a phenomenal writer. Now I'm dying to try Tevis!

    2. it was very sad...
      thanks for the comment, and WHEN you ride it - good luck!

  2. Loved it enough to ALMOST want to do the Tevis myself....but this book is sd good as doing it!-felt the rush,pain,irritation,fear,elation,exhaustion,DUST and love for these amazing athletes that carry us so well😆

  3. I mighta shoulda offered it as a package deal with eyedrops!

  4. I loved it Merri. Thank you! I signed up the night before the 2011 Tevis (recommended) and that was good because I had 27 years of built up fear & anxiety and suddenly I riding. That Tevis got me a buckle, and the next year I was able to do the real ride and buckle again and have a tiny bit less anxiety. Sorta. Anyway, you had a wonderful, magical ride on a great horse with great friends ~ what more could you ask for? Just really special.