Thursday, March 10, 2016

Don't Eat My Cats

Wednesday March 9 2016

Great horned owls will roost up both cricks here, and occasionally I hear them at night. They don't normally hang out around the ranch during the day, what with all the horse/people/dog activities. But in the morning when I went out to feed Dudley, there, right on the crick by the driveway and not much more than horse head-height in a cottonwood tree, was a big beautiful great horned owl.

With spring leaves yet to sprout, it was easy to spot the big lump of an owl sitting in the branches.

He wasn't worried about me at all; I could get pretty close. 

*I* was worried, about the cats that roam the ranch. All 4 of them would make nice juicy morsels for the owl, or the family he's probably about to raise (his female is likely on a nest up one of the cricks). Twice, we lost 3 of 4 kittens. It was surely either owls or coyotes that got them. I can still cry over Sinatra, who was The Best Kitten Ever.

The owl in fact stuck around till nightfall. All cats were accounted for next day, but they would be such easy pickings. They don't seem to be aware of danger that can come from the sky.

I love owls, and I love having the owls around, but Don't Eat My Cats!


  1. Oh, I was thinking he was so beautiful and you're lucky to have him, but didn't know adorable Sinatra got taken! So sad for you, I hope the owl moves up the creek to eat something else...

  2. Hopefully it was rats he was after

  3. That is one big owl. I haven't seen any around here in NJ, but I know the wooded State Park behind my property probably has quite a few. As you've noted, that camouflage well. I do hear them sometimes at night. I'd love to see one. I keep my barn cat pretty fat. Must be a safety measure....*lol*

  4. I hope the cats are safe!
    We've been seeing a great horned owl on our riding trail. It seems to sleep in the same area every day.

  5. The owl that was hanging out here never did go after my cats- but they are pretty big boys. I think there was just plenty of mice and voles around that he didn't need to get into a battle with a cat. He has moved on, his mate is nesting about a mile down the road closer to another farm.