Monday, March 16, 2015

Rent-a-Cowpoke: The "C" Team

Sunday March 15 2015

A day after the historic Joyce Ranch roped and branded their calves with the skilled "A" team of Owyhee cowboys and cowgirls (post coming soon), it was the "C" team that helped move another rancher Don's cows out onto the range.

We weren't quite "F" students/riders; we definitely weren't the "A" team; but we were the solid "C" team (as in, the up-the-Crick team).

Don, plus 7 of us Crick people moved 50-60 head of cows with calves a couple of miles (most of it with a fence to help guide the cows on one side), across a highway, and into another pasture closer to the mountains. (And it was a southwest Idaho highway on a Sunday, with not too much traffic.) One horse and rider were first timers. One rider was a first timer on 25-year-old Krusty, who's been to France and Dubai, so he can do anything. I rode The Dude, who was much better behaved this time than last time.

There were no bucking fiascos, no lost calves, and no riders got lost: the "C" team did not fare too badly.

We were good enough that Don fed us lunch at the end.

Don, guiding his herd of somewhat rank angus cows (well, rank if they're squeezed in chutes for branding and vaccinations!)

Connie on Saruq, who would rather be off galloping somewhere. He's sneering here at the cows.

First-timer Abe on old-timer Krusty.

That's Rocky and half-Arab half-mustang Calvin on the left. Rocky's from up-the-Crick too, but he's from lower-upper, and he's more experienced than most of us cowpokes.

Threading the needle - squeezing the herd through the final gate.

Carol on August, Regina and Mufasa, and Don on his horse, surveying a job well done.


  1. You got 'er done, and that's the main thing. Now you ought to qualify as at least a B team.

  2. Looks like a good days work. I'd say you were definitely eligible to be promoted to "B" team.

  3. At least there's no snow. I hate being a cowgirl in the snow!

  4. With the right horse--and you seem to have them all--that looks like fun. It's riding with a useful purpose.

    I think you need to up your rating.