Saturday, March 21, 2015

Joyce Ranch Branding Day: Part I

March 13 2015

Another branding day in Owyhee county, this one on the historic Joyce Ranch (established 1865). It's a tradition of hard work, skill, camaraderie, family, and culture, handed down through the years and generations - herding, sorting, roping, branding.

It's working art on horseback.

Here are a few shots from the day:
up top: a bit of silver

a bit of color

Fred - what're'ya doing down there??

Hmm, should I stay or should I get outta here?

The Joyce Ranch brand: MJ for Matthew Joyce, the founder in 1865

Neighbor Rocky on his Blazer, Comet. You don't see many Blazers working cows. You don't see many Blazers!

Dallas hunts through the herd of cows and calves

There's always a good cow dog or two around supervising


Got one

Holding a calf

Ed aiming for one

Missed! Ed said "My timing was off today!"

This guy on the left was totally suspicious of my motives

Here is the complete gallery:


  1. One question - what's a Blazer?
    And like GHM said - great pictures!

    1. Thanks! The Blazer was a breed started right here in Idaho, a mix of Thoroughbred, Morgan, Shetland, Quarter Horse:

    2. Shetland? and all those big guys? weird!

  2. great pics! tho i kinda wanna yell 'run little guy RUN' at that one calf sniffing at his tied friend lol