Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Release! Soul Deep in Horses: Memoir of an Equestrian Vagabond

Tuesday April 1 2014

It's here!

Clinging to a four-legged rocket ship among the Pyramids in Egypt. Riding a racehorse on the Curragh in Ireland. Winning a first endurance ride in Texas. Flipping a packhorse down a cliff in California. Flying on a Lord of the Rings horse in New Zealand. Cowgirling it in Idaho.

All of these serendipitous equine adventures, and more, are disparate pieces of a puzzle that have merged to create the eclectic, nomadic lifestyle that Merri Melde lives every day with horses. And none of them might have happened if she had not first met the racehorse Fred, who taught her how to fail spectacularly at her dream job.

It's not the destination of new dreams but the journeys toward them that allow Melde, by chance or by divine intervention, to experience such diverse escapades and to come to know and love such magnificent horses as Harry—a fire-breathing dragon who gives her a great gift; Zayante—one of the country's best endurance horses; Jose—an Avatar and Kindred Spirit; and Stormy—The Most Beautiful Horse On The Planet.

In Soul Deep in Horses: Memoir of an Equestrian Vagabond, Merri Melde paints a vivid portrait with her moving words of a unique life irrevocably entangled with horses—the beauty, the humor, the thrills, the fun, the fear, and above all, the love that goes deep down into the soul.

Part memoir, part travel and horse-riding adventure book, this heartfelt narrative packed with excitement and emotion will appeal not just to horse lovers, but to anybody who has ever experienced failure and success in following their dreams, and anyone who has ever lost their courage and rediscovered it once again.

Available now on Amazon.com! - click here.

If you're wanting an autographed copy, you will be able to order directly from my website around April 15 (then allow a couple of weeks for delivery). I'll announce this option when it's available.

I hope you enjoy the ride!

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  1. I bought your book this morning on Amazon. Can't wait to start reading it! Good luck with the sales.

  2. I just ordered mine too! I'm going to bring it to a ride someday and hopefully get you to autograph it:)

  3. I just got mine. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  4. I am really excited about getting this! I'm hoping it's on Kindle! I think I want to get an autographed copy too! This is really great, Merri!

  5. I got the book on Kindle this morning and have not been able to put it down. I'm loving every minute. Your descriptions truly make the reader feel like they are living the same experience you did! How fun!

  6. Congratulations! I shall need to do some shopping on Amazon. For your next book we'll need to get you on a horse in Tolkien's Oxfordshire:)

  7. thanks everybody - and WHP - Tokien Adventures - that's a deal!