Sunday, March 2, 2014

And The Winner Is….

Sunday March 2 2014

Gold Dust.

I had nearly 200 votes from readers when I asked them to vote on a cover photo for my upcoming book, Soul Deep in Horses: Memoir of an Equestrian Vagabond.

The voting percentages:

#1 Gold Dust - 44.4%

#2 Stormy Herd - 20%

#3 Stormy Water V - 11.2%

#4 Doobie - 8.8%

#5 Harry - 4.8%

#6 Stormy Water I - 4.1%

#7 Dusting - 3%

#8 All photos - 2.4%

#9 None of the photos - .8%

Plus two write-ins for my avatar

I randomly numbered all the voters who chose Gold Dust for their first and only choice, and I used a random number generator to pick the winner of an autographed copy of my book.

I'm thrilled to award it to Imke Lamsma from the Netherlands! (And I'm also happy one of the "Anonymous" voters didn't win, because that person might have been a little hard to track down : )

This brings back happy memories . . . I first visited Imke and her family in the Netherlands in 2007 when she was a wee shy horse loving 8-year-old girl, who had just recently completed her first 8 kilometer endurance ride on her Shetland pony Panter.

Imke is on the right

Nearing my publishing date of April 1, I will post the resultant cover that I will design from this photo.

Thank all of you for participating - one voter coined it as "my Tribe" participating in my book journey. I appreciate all of you who took the time to write comments - many of them very well thought out. They often made me see my photography in a different light. I am glad you have all chosen to be a part of this ride, and I hope you'll all enjoy the finished work.


  1. Ah but ok I actually didn't see that one during my voting. Great pick. Soul. Horse. It very much suits. #fairplay

  2. Congratulations to Imke!

    This was my favorite cover choice too. Things seem to be moving along smoothly. It won't be long now. Good luck either everything.

  3. Oh ya!!!! Just a beautiful photo!!

  4. Simply gorgeous! How did I miss out on this?

  5. Yay, Imke!! Now the book will definitely be an international success.

    Love the cover choice, It was my favorite too.

  6. If I hadn't missed the post - I would definitely have voted for the winner. What a perfect fit for the title. :D

  7. Nice cover--sorry I missed out on the vote. Good luck with the book!