Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Dude Meets Jenny Craig

Saturday February 22 2014

The Dude is starting a serious diet and workout plan.

For a while it wasn't possible to regulate his intake and exercise, so, naturally, he blossomed. In every direction.
These are NOT rippling muscles

 Rolls, I tell you.
LOTS of love handles

Tail fat deposits!

"Dude!" I say to him, every day. "You're FAT!"

Every day, he blinks at me, and sighs, I know, but I'm still handsome.

Gotta give him that.

Now his diet is restricted. Now he puts his time in the Fat Pen. Now he's started working out.

Today he took me out on a ride, maybe 4 1/2 miles, the furtherest he's been in, oh, several years, and he didn't have a heart attack doing it. He did get sweaty and foamy, but he had a good workout.

You can't see the sweat running down his face in this picture, but it's there!

I don't think he'll ever be as slim as a racehorse, say, like Stormy was in his racing days, but maybe The Dude will at least trim off some blubber on his Owyhee Jenny Craig plan.


  1. I've got one of those guys who needs A serious diet. Mr.Blue is just as chunky as the Dude. Bet he loved getting out and working up a sweat.

  2. Gotta love those easy keepers. We have a little rescue mare here who came to us at 270 kg (skinny!) and now weighs in at 400 kg. Looks like she's expecting twins.

  3. This made me laugh! My dogs have the same issue with "middle age spread". That waistline starts to thicken and whoops! Time to call in the Jenny for some advice. Cutting back on food is the important thing along with not letting them just hang around neighing with their friends all day. Working up a good sweat will get those love handles under control. I love his expression after the ride! (He's saying 'you have got to be kidding, right'?)