Saturday, February 8, 2014


February 8 2014

We got a foot of snow. Maybe two feet. I'm so delirious I'm incapable of measuring properly.

Owyhee seized the snow it so desperately needed (the mountains are now estimated to be a whopping 40% of normal, up from a dismal 25%), and I wallowed and raptured like never before.

Stormy and his herd mates didn't seem to mind the unusual winter blast either. Neigh, they hardly noticed it.


  1. I'm happy you're happy. Sounds like you needed the wet stuff. I've had about enough for this year though. Expecting some more for the next few days.

  2. I lived in the desert years ago and I too loved when it snowed. It does wear thin though day after day after day....

    I am very happy for you though, so glad you are finally getting some moisture.

  3. Ah snow... how sweet that moisture is! Our cold snap has broken & we woke to light snow today. Now - rain moving in... Love the photos!

  4. Glad you can enjoy it. Hard for me to quite empathize as New Jersey has been socked several times already and still has many inches on the ground as the next storm bears down on us.

    However, since you desperately needed the moisture, that makes all the difference. Do enjoy your bounty. I will try not to whine too much from the "other side."