Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Horses Who Stare At Goats

Saturday January 2, 2010

Perfect Balance shoers Linda and Mike came to the rancho to shoe some horses this fine balmy winter day. They always bring their dogs, but today they also brought an extra dog crate full of...

Two orphan baby goats!

Dudley was the first to meet them. He was absolutely intrigued!

As was Jose! He kept following them around.

This baby tried to pull a twig out of Jose's mouth.

Kazam didn't know quite what to think of them.

All ears forward.

Finneas and Dudley stare at the goats.

It's good training for endurance horses. You never know when you'll encounter a goat on the trail, right?

Dudley and Jose would LOVE to have goats of their own. I can picture Dudley and his goat climbing on everything. I can see Jose and the goats chasing each other, leaping off all fours and spinning in mid-air.

Steph doesn't REALLY need a garden this summer, does she?


  1. I want a goat!!!! they are sooooo cool!

  2. Pam/ Trail Riding LadyJanuary 3, 2010 at 7:24 AM

    I take my mare to our local mission farrier school, and they have horses that are recupting from surgery etc, so they let their very special goat wander the barn and paddocks, she just crawls under the fence and into the paddock and then she administers any good goat jokes or goat sympathies that she knows, Mark Plumblee the school ower, says she is worth her weight in happy horses. She is usually found with the horse that needs her the most, and then when she is finished with that horse she goes on to the next. What I failed to say is that Mark and his wife have a contract with the county and when ever a horse case comes up, unfed, injured animals etc, starvation etc, those horses come to their barn, and their goat is the horse nanny and will go in and out of the paddocks and see horse after horse until they all feel better!!! I just love it... Pam

  3. Love goats! They are the best. We had French Alpines when were in Cortez, I miss them. Maybe some day I'll have goats again. They do go very well with horses.

  4. Awww. Who would've thought goats and horses could be so cute?

  5. Oh my gosh! Those photos are so sweet!
    My mare could care less about our 3goats and actually gets annoyed if they close to her stash of hay. She snorts at them and herds them away from her space. lol!


  6. Love it!!! When my goat Wallace was injured and had to be seperated from his goat buddy, Bilby, the mare in the paddock next door adopted Wallace and stood with her head over the fence nuzzling him and keeping him company (for over a month!). She took care of him until Wallace was strong enough to be reunited with a very boisterous Bilby. Goats get themselves into a lot of trouble, but they are the best pets ever! They are the comedians of the animal world!

  7. Take more toe off.... keep on going! :-)