Thursday, May 29, 2008

2008 Owyhee Fandango Day 1

Saturday May 24 2008

The Raven and I saddled up Raffiq, and with Gretchen and Spice, set off on the trails for the first day of the 3-day Owyhee Fandango endurance ride.

It was a wonderful 50-mile ride on nice easy trails - 3 loops out of basecamp - a half hour of riding in the desert rain on the final loop (OK... I could have done without the thunder right over our heads, which meant it was lightning right over our heads, because we all know how terrified I am of lightning), but it sure smelled good and felt good, and I swear you could see the desert sage and flowers turning greener and blooming with fresh growth right before our eyes.

The miles seemed to zip right along, Raffiq enjoyed himself (it's his third time on these trails), and Gretchen and I had a great time.

Here's a few photos.

If you want to see the detailed ride story, see Owyhee Fandango Day 1.

Lots of pictures on the Fandango page.

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