Tuesday, January 8, 2008

(Snow) Shoeless

Tuesday January 8 2008

Bruce the farrier called first thing this morning, on his way here to shoe 6 horses. "I don't want to be a wimp or anything..."

I looked out the window - 6 horses covered with the same fresh inch-blanket of snow the rest of the Owyhee world was covered with, with little gusts blowing big fat flakes and skiffs off roofs sideways. 100% chance of snow all day, wind between 10 and 15 mph.

"... but it's blowing like crazy here on the freeway in Boise and snowing hard."

Far be it from me to call someone a wimp, when I myself didn't fancy standing out in the white cold holding six horses for him to shoe. We rescheduled for next week, and I bundled up to go out for a few pictures (before coffee!)

The horses looked comfortable: nobody was shivering, and they weren't gorging at the hay bales either. Princess came up to get her itchy hairy neck scratched, while the snow stuck to her eyelashes. Diego sported a snow mustache to try out a new grown-up handsome look. Dudley licked the snow off Diego's rump (before biting him).

A good day for taking a few pictures then getting back inside, watching from the (relative) warmth of the house as the flakes got bigger and fatter and continued piling up.

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