Monday, January 21, 2008

A Call To Arms

Monday January 21 2008

From snowflakes to sand: I've been sent to the rescue in Arizona. Red Cross Merri to take up the fight for a month against 7 horses with (before, during, after stages of) strangles. Strangles!

Steph and John's 2 horses in Arizona came down with it after the New Year's New Mexico ride, and their horse mates - Kevin and Rusty's 5 horses - are consequently involved in the fray.

In the midst of shots and snots, disinfecting and rehabbing, in addition to the usual feeding and scooping poop twice a day, Steph is gone to the UAE, John just left for a month, and Kevin and Rusty are extremely busy with work and school. So it gets a bit rough for them dealing with sick horses at 9 or 10:00 at night.

So I've been sent in as reinforcements, which meant me leaving the 6 horses in Oreana to fend for themselves. And the dogs - oh, the dogs! What will they do without their evening walks?? And the cat may shrivel up without petting for a month.

Although they actually won't be completely by themselves; neighbors will be feeding and petting and looking in on them all quite adequately.

I'll miss the snow and cold, especially when it gets down to 6* the next few nights (call me crazy), but then there's something I really like about Arizona too.

The good part is, I'll get to see Rhett and Jose. I told Diego I was going to see his buddy Jose, but I don't think it sunk in. I'll have to email him pictures.

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