Monday, May 15, 2006

You May Ask Yourself...

May 15 2006

You May Ask Yourself... Well? How Did I Get Here?

So that you know which ride you’re taking, this is the Blog of The Equestrian Vagabond Professionale, T.E.V.,P.

T.E.V.,P. is shorthand for: E.P., F.W., B.A., E.H.C., H.P., C.D., S.O.H., T.B., S.E., W.L.T., R.G., P.W.T., R.O.E.R.

And in case you’re like me and you never know what all those letters behind peoples’ names stand for, here’s a cheat sheet for later reference. Equine Photographer, Freelance Writer, Budding Artist, Endurance Horse Conditioner, Horse Packer, Carriage Driver, Spotted Owl Hooter, Trail Builder, Sound Engineer, WildLife Technician, former Racetrack Groom, Passionate World Traveler, Rabid Obsessed Endurance Rider.

I’m in the same boat as my friend Maryanne in Egypt, (, or, who says ‘I don’t know yet what I want to do when I grow up’ (other than ride horses). Pretty much everything I do in life involves horses, or is some means to support me so I can be involved with horses. OK, so I’m a horse fanatic. I think it’s because I never got a horse when I was little, so I’m making up for that now. And I happen to own the Most Beautiful Horse on the Planet, Stormy.

Mount up and see where this all takes me: I never know what’s around the next curve in the trail!

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