Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Darn Busy June

May 31 2006

Now, I like to work, and work hard, but it’s going to be an awfully busycrammedtogetherJune. Willow Flycatcher survey training Thursday and Friday up in Truckee. Saturday and Sunday get rides in on the forest service horses. Alas, I will not get to ride with Gretchen, because she is leaving Saturday and taking her 2 horses on a 5-day endurance ride in Nevada. I am not jealous; I am not disappointed. (So I always have to tell myself, when I miss a ride.) Even though this will be over the original Pony Express Trail. Even though a lot of my friends will probably be there, having a great time riding the Pony Express Trail. There are always more endurance rides (our big goal is the Virginia City 100, in mid-September.) Monday through Thursday I must cram in as many Willow Flycatcher surveys as I can (they begin around 5 in the mornings) in this area, to finish them in the first survey period. Thursday night I must get up to Reno, because I fly to Vienna on Friday, for a 10-day stint as a S.E. – sound engineer – for a black gospel musical, The Gospel at Colonus, at a big annual Vienna theatre festival. Not much time for sleep or sightseeing I’m afraid – tech set up and rehearsals as soon as I get off the plane until opening night on Wednesday, then shows every night through Saturday night; get about 3 hours of sleep, then fly home early Sunday morning. (I don’t see how roadies do this for big concerts, night after night.) Flying through the time zones, get home Sunday evening, then cram another 5 straight days of Willow Flycatcher surveys in Monday through Saturday mornings, before the 2nd survey period ends. Which means I miss the first day of a 2-day ride in Fallon Nevada on Saturday and Sunday that Gretchen and I hope to do as part of her horses’ training for the Virginia City 100. But then I can’t rest on Monday, because I have to go back to work.

Then maybe I can rest.

In July.

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