Friday, June 28, 2013


Friday June 28 2013

The picture of that burning yellow globe in a flaming orange sky in the weather forecast, accompanied by the words "Heat Advisory in effect blah blah" brings some of us to our knees whimpering piteously.

Others beat the heat by playing in the water - like Jose.

I can't do anything with a water hose out by the paddock without Jose coming up for a hose-off. If he has access to a sprinkler, he'll stand over it and spin himself around that to cover all sides, but best is when I hold the water hose and he gets wet just exactly how and where he likes it.

Here he is last year at City of Rocks, doing his thing in the heat.


  1. Well, you're hotter than we are but our humidity is awful. Love Jose. He's a horse who knows what he likes. So funny and a real character.

  2. Didn't take long to turn all that green grass into brown firestarter, did it? Life in the West . . .

  3. My guys mob me any time I'm near the hose on a hot day. They line their butts up for spraying.

    1. I see a hilarious cartoon in that...

  4. I agree with Grey Horse Matters about the humidity. But at those temperatures, even dry heat is HOT!!

    Jose is one clever boy. I love a horse that knows how to take advantage of something good.

  5. That makes me laugh every time I see it. It's funny how one horse will come over to get sprayed and the others (at least mine) freak out at one drop of water on them. My baby & Jose are twins.

  6. Love the spins. Clever boy!

  7. The spinning is a great touch

  8. Nice, a horse who loves take a shower