Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Owyhee Dirtbags

Wednesday August 24 2011

This is one gang that truly loves to wallow in dirt and mud. Naturally, the whitest horse likes to find the thickest mud hole.

When a human puts up a sprinkler on a plot of dirt on a hot day and makes you a custom mud patch, how can any rational equine resist a shower then a good roll in the mud?

Some of the horses accidentally get sprinkled on and it's enough to make them want to roll. Jose has already shown he loves sprinklers, and he loves to get good and wet.

The herd stands around taking turns, watching each other roll (unless they just can't wait their turn and have to crowd in there), scoring each other for style and dirtiness.

Jose obviously won for Best Shower-er.
[slide show here]

They all had a go at the rolling,

but Mac hands down won the Dirtiest Horse Award.

They are Owyhee Dirtbags and proud of it!

No, Rushcreek Mac has not turned into an Appaloosa!


  1. I swear my next horse is going to be a dirt colored horse.

  2. Here's the the wild the white horse is a target. He stands out from the crowd. Getting dirty is his way of blending in so he's not so obvious.

    My horses were rather indifferent to the sprinkler. Doesn't matter now, though as we are having enough rain..and a hurricane...with more than enough water to make any hippo happy.

  3. LOL We have three colored horses.

  4. My horses Gussie and Chickory love to get hosed off and then roll in the deepest dust bowl they can find. Chickory actually backs into the stream of water and wiggles from side to side to make sure she gets all wet.