Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The White Horse

Tuesday January 12 2010

I watch the Lord of the Rings movies (extended versions) at least once a year, especially since I rode a horse that was in Lord of the Rings. (One of the 2-300 extra horses, but, a Lord of the Rings horse nonetheless : ).

Same goes for the documentaries that accompany each movie (about 6 hours per movie) - I watch them at least once a year, especially for the inspiration. The artistic genius of the people who put this film together is simply astounding - from the illustrators to the designers and sculptors and builders, to the director, the lighting and sound and photography. I see something new every time I watch it.

In talking about some of the cultures of Middle Earth that were created, and the accompanying incredibly detailed carvings on the buildings, and the stitching on clothing and armor of the Rohirrim (the Horse Lords of Rohan) and their horses, a picture flashed on screen of the Uffington White Horse.

This is an actual geoglyph in the south of England - a work of art made from moving earth or stones around, or carving hillsides, within a landscape. It's 374 feet long, made from carved trenches in the earth filled with white chalk. It's estimated to be 3000 years old, dating between 1400 and 600 BC.

The definite reason for this horse has not been determined, but I like the possibility that it was created for religious purposes, since evidence exists of horse worship in the Iron Age.

We all do a bit of horse worship ourselves, don't we.

If you have Google Earth, you can find it at
51*34'38.97" N
1*34'00.26" W


  1. I'm a big LOTR fan - we (my daughters and I) went to Trilogy Tuesday, and I watch the whole extended edition at least once a year - and I've seen the real white horse on a train trip through that part of England!

  2. WOW! I had no idea that existed or horse worship had either. Thanks for sharing this.

    Another LOTR fan,


  3. Interesting post! I'm a huge fan of LOTR and have all three of the extended versions and have only watched them once. I keep saying I'm going to watch them again and never seem to find the time (or will feel too guilty if I did watch them). But, you've rejuvenated my desire!!

    I named one of my mustangs "Vale's Strawberry Rohan" as a play on words, but also because of the Riders of the Rohan.

    Also so jealous that you got to ride one of the horses...so cool!

  4. And...BTW...

    This Kiger mustang I have is named Brego...who was renamed by his 2nd owners. His original name was Charlie...and he's definitely NOT! But, he's not nearly as brave and/or bold as the real Brego!

    But it does seem odd to have a Brego and a Rohan on the same ranch in SE Oregon where it seems that most horses don't even have names sometimes!