Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Most Honored Guest

Tuesday January 26 2010

A most honored guest graced the rancho today.

From the kitchen table, I watched, for 20 minutes, a golden eagle sitting in a tree above the creek 50 yards away.

A couple of magpies were mildly concerned; first one, then another braved the danger and flew up and hopped onto a branch 18 inches away to squawk their protest. They didn't dive-bomb the eagle, and the eagle pretty much ignored them, preening and observing his surroundings from his post.

It's most likely one of the pair of goldens that has been hanging around the crick this winter, considering whether or not to nest here in the spring. (See New Kids on the Block.)

We've had all kinds of guests here in Owyhee, but such a majestic visitor as this is most welcome.


  1. Beautiful visitor!

  2. Beautiful! I hope they decide to stay, for your sake!

  3. Wow! Just wow! That's my kind of visitor!


  4. How lucky you are to have this visitor. I'd love to see one in its natural habitat one day. I liked the fact that he ignored the little squawkers when he could have made their lives much more interesting.