Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bath Time

Saturday January 16 2010

When do you like to take your bath? Morning or evening?

Some of the horses here like to take their dirt baths in the morning, some prefer them in the evening.

Stormy gets the dirt rolling this morning.

That was great - gotta have another one. It looks so good, the others line up.


Mac follows.

Must get the other side.

What do you think - dirty enough?

Huckleberry's turn.

Mac has a third bath, in a different spot, while Jose watches.

And a fourth one!

Now the morning bathers are ready to face another Owyhee day.


  1. Mac looks about like my two greys, who have also found every single dust/sand/mud pile they could find!

  2. That's some good dirt for horse rolling you've got there! All we've got right now is crusty snow.

  3. What is that dry brown stuff they're rolling in? It's been so long since I saw dirt I almost didn't recognize it! Dixie is a Mud Horse these days - and here I thought I'd moved to the desert!

    How are you and Jose doing with riding? Hopefully really well!

  4. That's the perfect spa treatment for horses. lol!

    Loved all the photos very much!