Thursday, May 25, 2023

Spotted Wonder

May 25 2023

Hillbillie Willie and I don’t often see anybody out riding in the desert, but coming over a hill last week, surprise! There were our neighbors, Linda on Hattie and Linda’s Menagerie of dogs. (The pigs and goats must have stayed home this time!)

Willie has met Hattie and Company at Linda’s house, but this was the first time he had seen the spotted mule out in the desert, much less with Linda's Menagerie, and much less carrying Linda on her back!

Linda has done a phenomenal job with this wild long-eared thang, from barely catch-able young mule to being ponied in Linda’s July 4th parades while riding trusty Ted, to becoming a riding mule.

She has taken the time (years) to slowly bring this mule along to where she can ride Hattie out alone in the desert. Don’t they look fabulous!


  1. was I surprised to open up your "spotted wonder" email!!!!!!!....oh Merri....THANK YOU for your kind and FUN words!!!!! heart is in a puddle!!!!!!..thank you,thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  2. Quite the picturesque mule! I have been following the Missouri mule makeover on Facebook as I know someone who has a mule in it- Joel Lybbert with his mule Jeffrey- what a journey it has been!