Monday, July 1, 2019

Hillbillie Willie's City of Rocks Endurance Ride: Day 2

is this a good lookin' horse or what!

June 30 2019

Hillbillie Willie's quest for all 3 days/155 miles at City of Rocks - his first 3-day ride!

Willie finished up his 50 miles of Day 1 at City of Rocks with no problem. He felt fine the morning of Day 2, and was happy to get saddled up again (and eat while he was doing it - he loves to eat at rides!). OK, here we go on Day 2's 55 mile ride!

Admiring our shadows on loop 1, out on the desert toward Emigrant canyon before heading into City of Rocks National Reserve and the California Trail.

We are on the old historic Boise-Kelton stage route. The landmark Twin Sisters granite spires are just peeking up over the hills on the right.

Enjoying a fresh spring water trough; Twin Sisters on the very left

Our escorts Deb and Jack. Just below the Twin Sisters spires, you can see the remains of the old stage stop

Just one of the bazillion pretty trail shots on loop 2 in the National Reserve park

Just after we reached the high point on the mountain at 7500 feet, a rather spectacular cold front/storm blew in. Clouds must have been racing through the pass and down into the park valley at 50 mph. We were somewhat sheltered by the mountain we were on. Fortunately I had enough layers with me to put on and stay warm, though I sure coulda used a pair of gloves for a while. The horses did great in the cold!

We were joined today by Nance and Fancy. We all 3 finished together - horses did just fabulously, and Willie felt terrific.

2 days down - one more to go!

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