Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Oreana Fourth of July Parade

July 4 2017

Nothing says patriotism more than a July 4th parade. Nothing says JULY 4th PARADE more than the custom Oreana Fourth of July Parade. You won't see the it on television or Twitter or in the newspapers. You'll only see it by special invitation, and a few select people get the honor of observing every year.

Parade mistress Linda put on her 11th annual Oreana Fourth of July parade, starring her various menagerie: war horse Ted, 
various dogs (Goat Dog, Coyote Dog, and possibly others; Henry refused to participate; Edna the donkey wasn't interested this year), and various goats, 
tossing candy 
to her throngs of fans. 
Hercules the horny jackass was barred from this year's activity. 

This year's guest star was Yvonne's donkey Marie who stylishly showed off her panache.

It's an event not to be missed!


  1. Nothing can ruin a parade quicker than a horny jackass... ;D

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Laughing all the way - but love your participants, patriotism & the photos!

  3. Don't think Sister Linda would welcome all the "Resist" and "Pride" jackasses that paraded in her former hometown of Montclair, NJ Hahaha!!

  4. Linda, What a rag tag ,fun, loving group.. The Mistress of 4th of July parades xoxoxo

  5. Hey Merri, can I quote an article you wrote on endurance.net in 2011 in my blog? "Mileage, points, awards, oh my" I'll link to the article.

    It messed with my head. And you're so, so right.

  6. The equines were a stylish bunch. This is much better than a parade of elaborate floats - so much more personality!