Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Old Bones

Tuesday July 16 2013

About 5 years after we stumbled across some old horse bones in one of our random desert Owyhee home gullies, a rare super gully washer recently exposed a new layer of them.

More teeth, and a weathered jawbone emerged from the slope by the trail.

We bet they are from a cavalry remount station in this Owyhee desert canyon. The US Army Remount Service was officially activated in 1908 (Boise, Idaho was an official Purchasing Board site) and lasted as long as 1945.

Thoroughbreds were the primary breed, followed by Arabians, then Morgans, Saddlebreds, Anglo-Arabs, and Cleveland Bays. A remount supply farm is rumored to have been up our creek, but I haven't found further information on it.

These old bones remind me to keep snooping, as they continue to slowly emerge from hiding!


  1. Very neat. Nice to have an interesting history in your area about the cavalry and horses.

  2. I find this sort of thing so fascinating, I look forward to more. Very cool finds.

  3. Wonderful photos. You have to be glad you aren't finding human bones. Those old calvary guys had to go somewhere. Know what I mean?

  4. Always fascinating to search out old historical sites, no matter what you find. It's a great detective adventure trying to figure out what might have happened.