Saturday, January 26, 2013

Being Neighborly

Saturday January 26 2013

Way out here up the crick in Owyhee, it's easy to hunker down and keep to yourself. It's not a dislike of humans or neighbors, it's just … a way of life. We'll do anything for each other, and run over when needed, but we generally keep to our own little crick bubbles.

This reclusive existence gets turned on its head when Linda brings the Owyhee Menagerie to visit.

Linda's Menagerie always causes a ruckus with the Owyhee herd, and how could they not? Birdie the mule, Hoot the miniature horse, a couple of running barking little dogs, Edna the donkey with her best friend, a big Yeti-monster dog named Goat, with Linda leading the way, yelling at all of them, not being listened to by any… they all make for a rather unorthodox disparate herd collection that would boggle the mind of any self-respecting horse.

The first sighting of the approaching Menagerie causes extreme alertness:

Then comes apprehension, crowding, dodging, avoiding, shoving ("You get closer. No, YOU get closer!").

In the foal Luna's case it's ultra perplexion at these odd creatures.

Ultimately, desperate curiosity wins out and consumes the Owyhee herd. Noses must be touched and scents inhaled.


The motley Menagerie shows off:

and then pauses to ponder the Owyhee horses:

It's always an entertaining treat for both herds, this neighborly get together on the crick.

In Linda's word: "whenever linda and her crew come calling KAOS ensues!!! [The Owyhee] herd comes a running. goat-dog starts bugging them w/barking, linda yelling, chasing Goat dog. edna and birdie running around the snow covered garden spot.....and touching noses and running underneath the horses noses and driving them nuts."


  1. Love it! What a hoot!! Your descriptions are sooooo good. Say Hi to Linda for me!

  2. I think you posted about this last year, but as I recall, the little menagerie seems to have grown a bit. Not sure whether it's the goats of more long ears.

    Either way, it surely does look like fun. Nothing like a good visit to perk up a winter day!

  3. I love that they all get to "socialize" once in a while. Gives the horses and the menagerie some to gossip about later! LOL!

  4. It might be chaos but it looks like fun and breaks up boring winter days.

  5. Cuanta nieve, pero parece que la cabaƱa disfruta con ella. Ya mismo tienes un verdadero Zoologico.
    Saludos no tan frios de Gabriel.

  6. I love the dog!!! I need one of those!

  7. There's such a difference between humans and other species. Where other animals eagerly check out others, humans usually act indifferent. Could you imagine if we rushed over to greet one another as equine and canines do?

  8. your crew is gorgeous! and i love your neighbors of all kinds! :)

    thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment today! really appreciate it!

  9. Love everything about this post!

  10. How fun! Watching the visitors who up then show off is making me think of the dance troops on the streets when they battle. The mule group is saying "Hey! Watch this!" and your group is saying "Hmpf whinney snort, that is THIS!" and they do their own showing off. Love it!

    Karen and Tripp