Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Git R Done

Saturday April 11 2009

Here it is, in its short-tirety, a pictographic essay of the Git R Done endurance ride in Inyokern, California, "The Sunshine Capital of America." After Friday night and Saturday afternoon, I might petition the town elders to change that to "The Wind Capital of America."

It was a 30, 50, 75, and 100-mile ride. I could have called ahead and found a horse to ride... but I just took photos, and reconnected with some wonderful friends I hadn't seen in 2 or more years - this area including Ridgecrest is my old winter riding grounds.

More photos on endurance.net on the Git R Done page.

A story coming too, but I'm headed back to Owyhee today...

I get to kiss my horse tonight!

Full moon setting over the Sierras as the riders started on the trail at 6 AM Saturday in the 75 and 100-mile rides.

Such a 'tablecloth' hanging over the Sierra peaks here means only one thing for the day: WIND.

Riders on their first loop.

Oh dear -

- watch out for that Horse-Eating Tractor Tire!

Riders heading out on the second part of Loop 1.

Watch out for the fierce little attack Burrowing Owls! They like to run out of their burrows and hiss at the horses, and they sound like a rattlesnake. Apparently they are unaware of how tiny they are compared to a horse.

Heading toward the Sierras on Loop 2.

The most scenic picture spot of the day!

Wind is picking up down below.

Serious wind coming...

Wicked wind started again about noon and only died off a bit near sunset.

But the ride goes on - Jeremy Reynolds on Sir Smith leading the way after Loop 4. The two won this hundred mile ride in November of 2006 and 2008.

A long road, a long view over the Indian Wells valley, and part of the Slate Range in the distance.

These riders are done for the day.

This young rider is done for the day.

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