Monday, November 20, 2006

The King and I

Monday November 20 2006

There seems to be a bit of the travel bug in the air.

I just emailed a friend in Seattle and asked if she’d be there when I visit in December. “No, I’m going to the South Pacific for 3 months. Come meet me in Vanuatu!” (Had to get out my map.)

An old boss of mine is on his way to Egypt right now to sightsee and birdwatch.

Earlier, the plan was for me to go spend November and December in Egypt, to do a bit of horse stuff, be there for a local endurance ride, the Gamoosa Gambol, that Maryanne was putting on. My friend Steph was going to meet us there for the ride – a kind of mini-reunion from 2 years ago, when Steph first traveled to Egypt at Maryanne’s invitation, and I invited myself along.

Before my winter Egyptian plan fell through, Steph’s did also. She couldn’t make it for the Gamoosa Gambol ride because “my friend the King of Malaysia invited me to come do a ride there.” Or something to that effect.

I didn’t make back it to Egypt this winter (yet)(for the 3rd time), but my friend Steph is, indeed, currently on her way to Malaysia to hob nob with the King of Malaysia, who himself is an accomplished equestrian. She’s going to be doing an 80 km ride in a few days on a horse from her friend the King’s Royal Stable.

Her Royal Adventures will be on and I, the friend of a friend of a King, will be awaiting the stories of her escapades with bated breath.

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