Sunday, June 25, 2006

Change of Trails

Sunday June 25 2006

Well, we were planning to do a 2-day endurance ride this weekend, the second day of which I was going to ride. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to walk, what with all the hiking I did this week and the whinging I did about my aching feet, but, turns out it wasn’t my feet that stopped us – it was the weather. It was supposed to be 110* in Silver Springs this weekend – no way can I do that! Neither Gretchen nor I do heat well, and the horses, particularly Raffiq, don’t seem to like the heat either.

Instead, we took a long ride here at home – a LONG ride. We took all 3 horses (Sue came along on Buddy), and climbed up from the Bridgeport valley (at 6500’), up to Tamarack Lake, probably around 8500’ or so. Lots of walking because it was rocky, and mostly uphill, and then we always get off to walk downhills, so we girls got our exercise in also. The biting flies were pretty annoying for the horses, but the mosquitoes left us humans alone, the weather wasn’t so hot today, the views were spectacular, and we had lunch up top.

I kept a close eye on the thunderheads building in various directions (I’m way afraid of lightning), but we got lucky, and it didn’t start thundering till we were about 2 miles from the trailer, 5 hours later. It was a long tiring day for all of us, but it was good for the horses, as our next scheduled ride, come heat or high water, is a 75 miler next month. Ultimate goal is still the Virginia City 100 in September!

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