Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Owyhee Fandango

Thursday May 28 2009

Wow - what a weekend. We had our 3-day Owyhee Fandango endurance ride, which was in reality 18 different rides, AERC, FEI, AHA, and OMG, as Steph put it later. Three different distances every day: 25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles, with a 100 miler thrown in on day 2. Pretty exhausting.

Ridecamp was full to the brim. Something like 161 horses started over the three days. I got to ride two of them on Jose : )))

Stories coming... but for now, here's a few photos.

The 50-mile start on Day 1

Stormy skies afternoon of Day 1. It was thundering, I was scared!

Day 2 History was made: Connie rode Frank! The only other rider besides Tom Noll in his last 4000 miles to ever ride Frank!!! (They kept Tom Noll and Whiskey company).

The vet check at the beautiful Sierra Del Rio Ranch on Day 2.

Cheryl Dell and TR Reason to Believe who finished 2nd in the 100 on Day 2

Carolyn Dawson, 70 years young, who finished the 100 on Day 2.

Amanda Washington finishing the 50 on Day 2 on Extrah (under stormy skies!)

Maria Hagman-Eriksson of Sweden who finished the 100 on FLF Ruleta PJ on Day 2.

Riding Jose on Day 3 : )

The Raven fell out of his bag on the trail (!!!!) - luckily Gretchen was riding behind us and saw it, or else I'd have had to retrace my steps for 50 miles till I found him! Here the Raven is enjoying a vet check.

Jose at a water stop. I love Jose.

Views of the trail on Day 3

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