Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 Tierras de Al-Andalus Photos II

Thursday April 2 2009

We're in Cordoba now - on a day of rest! Of course, there really is no time to rest, as Cordoba is an old Roman city with the winding medieval streets and the old 'mosque-cathedral' - many things to see, many tapas to eat. There are of course the horses to tend to - walking, wrapping legs, hosing legs, lunging, massaging, and this afternoon the vetting in for tomorrow's stage 6, and also a national ride (I believe tomorrow is a 1* ride).

And of course there's some big gala dinner and party to go with the awards ceremony from yesterday, so it's a good thing I had a good night's sleep last night.

Here are some photos from days 4-6. Much mas at

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