Friday, July 15, 2011

Sunrise in Yellowstone National Park

Friday July 15 2011

A cold, bracing, refreshing night camping in Grand Teton National Park in the forest at 8000 feet.

Sunrise in Yellowstone National Park along the muddy, swollen banks of the Snake River, framed with fingers of fog and swirls of sulphur steam, sprinkled with ghostly black and white apparitions of a burned forest.


photo by iPhone!


  1. Evocative words and iphone photo.

  2. Que buenos lugares te buscas para acampar, ya me gustaria estar por esas tierras y disfrutar con los paseitos que os haceis la Jefa y Tu.
    Saludos para las dos de Gabriel.

  3. Great photo. I love the steam over the river.