Monday, July 4, 2011

The Owyhee Parade: Coming to You

Monday July 4 2011

"People in Owyhee don't go to Parades; here the Parades come to them!" said neighbor Linda, who brought the Owyhee Menagerie Parade to visit the homesteads on the crick for the Fourth of July.

Here comes Goat Dog and Edna!

Holler is all dressed up.

Our horses are not used to Fourth of July Parades!

They are especially not used to a flag waving hairy donkey and her Goat Dog pal!

On to the next house.

Goat Dog and Edna leave the Parade Route.

Everybody loves a Parade, even the animals putting it on!

Off the Owyhee Menagerie Parade goes, to spread Fourth of July spirit at the next house on the crick.


  1. That was so funny! Had to laugh out loud looking at all your horses lined up at the fence!
    Linda is having such a good time with all her critters!
    Love it!

  2. What a great event! How could you even think of a better celebration for the 4th of July? Perfection.

  3. Oh my goodness, I totally laughed out loud at this post! Your horses are so funny lined up like that! Love love love that the parade comes to you. Boy I want to live up there, what a great neighbor!

  4. I wanna see the crick....

    What a fabo neighbor Miss Linda is. Makes me smile.
    Funny to see the horses all freaked out about the little fuzzy creatures all decked out in their spirited colors.

    Hope you had a fun 4th,


  5. What a HOOT!! Makes me laugh everytime I think about it!!!