Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Horn 100: Vet Check II Photos

Saturday July 16 2011

Vet check 2 was at the Antelope Butte ski area. Our guys Kevin and Kevin and Rusty got off trail somewhere along the way... either not enough ribbons were hung, or someone had taken some down. They lost a little time looking for the trail (and this was the same area last year that they'd gotten lost briefly!), but they knew which way they were supposed to be going, so they were able to find the trail again after a while. This was (I'm guessing) about 50 miles or so, halfway point of the ride. The horses were doing well and eating and drinking well. The weather was perfect all day - not like last year, where, at this vet check, it started dumping rain, and rained and rained like the locals had never seen before.

[slide show here]

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