Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Horn 100 - Vet Check 3 Photos

Saturday July 16 2011

We waited and waited and waited for our guys to show up at Vet Check 3, approximately 80 or so miles into the ride. Waiting is a big part of crewing, waiting and wondering where your riders are. Steph and I had a bit of an adventure driving to this vet check (as in - finding the place), as did others. While we waited we ate food that the Haeberles cooked for people, I took a hike up the trail, I brewed fresh coffee in my coffee press for us and our riders... and we waited. Again, the weather was perfect, and the meadow was gorgeous, making the hours go by so pleasantly. Kevin, Kevin and Rusty finally arrived here at about 9 PM. (The start was at 4 AM this morning.)

Many more photos can be seen at:


  1. Must be a bit of a worry wondering where your riders are. At least you were in the right place. *G*

  2. Thanks for the great pics Merri!.....was fun meeting you!