Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Joy of Being Jose

Saturday November 21 2009

Every morning he entertains us all. One by one, we succumb to his enthusiasm.

He looks for recruits.

He gets the ball rolling.

Mac is his first recruit!

They spar.

Half brother Kazam is next.

He gets the entire herd whirling in a swirl of dust.

He plays with Huckleberry, who doesn't have many friends yet.

Remember that hand game you played as a kid: hold your hands up, palm down; your friend has his hands under yours. "Try to slap my hands!" Jose's favorite game is similar: pawing in the dirt in front of somebody, and, "Try to get bite my leg!" Mac does it often with him. Jose has even gotten Finneas and Dudley to try it.

And when nobody wants to do it with him, he does it himself!


  1. Thank-you I needed this today. cole b.

  2. What a character! And it's WAY better than watching TV!

  3. Gotta love horseanalities!