Thursday, November 19, 2009

Free Spirit

Thursday November 19 2009

Every morning, as the Owyhee Mountains glow rose and orange in the sunrise, Jose, the Owyhee Social Director, makes his rounds visiting everybody, getting them excited about being alive to see and appreciate another Owyhee day. He romps with Kazam, plays tag with Huckleberry, spars with Dudley and Finneas over the fence, and wrestles with Mac. His love of being a horse is contagious. I can see the horses smile when he comes around.

Take Rushcreek Mac - he didn't have a personality until he met Jose 2 years ago. Now he's a believer.

Jose, happy with life, is contagious. He has that special effect on horses... and people too.


  1. Love this! Jose IS "that guy" isn't he??? ;-)

  2. Such a great story Merri. You will be pleased to know that Raven Jr., has settled in quite well at the ranch in Placerville. He sits and watches out the kitchen window for the deer, squirrels, and wild turkey.