Friday, November 27, 2009


Friday November 27 2009

It is folly to think we have conquered them. We are foolish to believe we are in control.

We harness them, hitch them, cinch them, throw on loads, climb behind and aboard them, and have our way with them. We borrow their athleticism and take advantage of their instincts, convince them to race, chase cows, spin circles, bow their necks, dance, blaze trails; and we congratulate ourselves on our prowess. We convince ourselves of our dominance, when we really only briefly redirect their fear, their trust, their spirit; and we think we are free.

They could kill us or hurt us, and sometimes they do. But most often they let us use them, they let us guide them, direct them, work them. They don't have to, but they choose to give a part of themselves to us.

And when they share willingly with us, it's a gift, an amazing treasure.

Kazam gave me his best effort yet today - a bold, brave, confident horse on the trails who let me direct his fear and trust, who shared with me a portion of his power and courage and being. For a brief time, I felt free with Kazam.

(I think Jose had a talk with him.)


  1. Sure you weren't writing about Thunder? Sometimes I have to strike up a bargain. But everything with him is better if he "thinks" it's his idea, which takes some real conniving on my part! k

  2. Progress feels so sweet! Good job sticking with him!

  3. VERY nice Merri! Thge little brother is coming along!

  4. yup... the ultimate control is over your emotions... certainly not the horse

    cid who had an up close and personal experience with that a couple of weeks ago :)