Friday, February 17, 2012

Shades of Zenyatta: Black Caviar

Friday February 17 2012

Lest we forget the magnificence of Zenyatta (which would NEVER happen), and as we await her first foal (due in March), another mare in Australia is following in her illustrious footsteps.

The 6-year-old black mare Black Caviar is sitting on an 18 for 18 record, and goes for her 19th straight win, just like Zenyatta did. Black Caviar has taken her world by storm, just like Zenyatta did here; and just like people did for Zenyatta, they are flying halfway around the world to see Black Caviar. Some of the fever has spread to Europe, where in England her races are shown live.

Like Zenyatta, Black Caviar was bought for $60,000 before the start of her career, and like Zenyatta, who was featured on the mainstream US news like Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, People and 60 Minutes, Black Caviar has been on Australian Story. Unlike Zenyatta, Black Caviar is strictly a sprinter (races under a mile), but like Zenyatta, she has (so far) won 17 stakes races.

One article in the Australian Herald Sun written after her 18th win stated: "Every generation or so, it seems the racing gods deliver a 'Flying Pegasus' - a horse that literally lifts the industry from its humdrum, taking even those who can make no sense of it on a magic carpet ride." Another article called her "freakishly talented." World Thoroughbred Rankings rated her "the world's best racehorse."

Like Zenyatta, Black Caviar gets under the skin the race callers: as she's sweeping to another win, they've called her "the great mare," "the Pride of Australia," "awesome racehorse," "the greatest show on earth," "Australia's pin-up girl," "the invincible one," "this is why she's rated the best in the world," "the indisputed champion of the world," etc. (I think you get the picture!)

Black Caviar runs tomorrow at Flemington in the Group I Lightning Stakes, expected to be a tough race because she's shortening in distance from her last win.

It's said that the whole country of Australia shuts down for the annual 2-mile Melbourne Cup; another win from Black Caviar and she herself might become known as "the mare that stops the nation" when she runs.


  1. That a great horse find itself in the hands of the right trainer and together they make magic. How many wonders lost to rough handling, over-exploitation etc? We'll never know. It's part of what makes these exceptions such a miracle.

  2. It's always amazing when a horse like this shows up on the racing scene. The truly great ones are rare, but they always leave me gasping. Thanks for introducing me to Black Caviar. She is gorgeous.

    (Adding the comment that I HATE Blogger's new word verification. I have mine turned off on my blog.)

  3. And she did win again. Wonderful horse, great trainer, lucky owners. She is definitely "the mare who stops a nation" She's a mare who is stopping the world, just as Zenyatta did. May she stay hale and hearty for the rest of her career. Spare a thought for Hay List who ran second to her, again. A great horse in his own right but he will always be the second best horse in the country.

    1. To be the mare who stop the world, Black Caviar cannot stay in her own turf! Her trainer cancel her trip to dubai, as he afraid BC lose, you can't prove yourself in uk only, uk sprinters are not good enough,go to hong kong sprint

  4. We watched her run last weekend- she just loped along like nothing. Jock didn't even stick her.

  5. I was lucky enough to see her when I was home last year she is not near as big and bold as zenyatta but she is beautiful and I must admit ui hope she breaks Zs record to prove Australian racehorses r better than American racehorses

  6. She's 19 for 19 now! She's the greatest mare we've seen down here and she stops this country in it's tracks when she runs! We can't wait to see what she does overseas! Go Black Cavier!

  7. Anonymous, it will be very interesting to see where she does run next, and who she meets!